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Cars give you the freedom to explore. With a car, you can discover out-of-the-way destinations, shop in distant stores and eat at your favorite place a few miles away or dare to dine in a new faraway restaurant. Car rentals allow you to participate in these exploration activities while on vacation.

Tips for Choosing a Car Category

Today, car rental companies lease a large variety of cars to their customers. Basic category choices include small, medium and large. Fuel efficient, high occupancy and luxury are additional rental car classifications. Small cars and fuel-efficient automobiles are best when you are traveling solo or need to reduce your gas costs while medium and large cars work well for family vacations. If you’re traveling with a large number of people or a large amount of luggage, then you’ll need to rent a van or full size SUV.

Cost Overview

Car rental rates vary based upon the agency that you use as well as the rental location. To rent an economy car for a week, you can expect to pay around $170 to $200 while a full size car will cost you about $200 to $270 for the week. A standard SUV runs around $350 to $400, and you should plan to pay an estimated $290 to $375 for a minivan.

What to Avoid

At the rental counter, the agent will likely offer prepaid gas. However, travelers should usually decline this offer because it is cheaper to fill the car up with gas from a nearby station before returning it. When you accept prepaid gas, you’ll have to pay for a full tank instead of just the fuel that you used.

Travelers might also consider declining the rental car insurance, unless you don’t have another way to protect the car. Many credit card issuers provide car rental insurance if you charge the rental costs to the credit card. Also, check with your personal automobile insurance company because some of them provide insurance for rentals.

Car Rental Accessories

Today, car rental companies offer numerous amenities and conveniences. If you’re traveling with a child who must be secured in a child seat, then consider renting a car from a company that provides safety seats. You will pay an extra cost, but you’ll avoid the aggravation of transporting a heavy car seat with you. When you’re visiting unfamiliar destinations, you’ll appreciate the addition of navigation equipment. Keep in mind that most companies also charge an extra cost for navigation equipment. Satellite radio is another accessory that you can consider adding to your rental car. This feature includes extra channels for more entertainment.

How to Select a Car Rental Company

Tips for selecting a car rental company include reviewing the types of cars they have available to ensure that you are able to rent the vehicle you need. Also, check the prices of different agencies and available vehicle features. If you rent frequently, consider using the same agency because they may reward you with free upgrades when you show your loyalty.

Final Thoughts

Car rentals are an affordable way to travel, and especially convenient for air travelers. You can rent a fuel-efficient automobile to save money or a convertible to feel the wind in your hair. SUVs and vans have the space to transport large groups while full size vehicles and luxury cars provide an enjoyable driving experience.

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