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    Canberra International Airport: 2 Brindabella Circuit, Canberra International Airport ACT 2609, Australia

Canberra International Airport
Canberra International Airport

The Canberra International Airport serves the capital of Canberra territory in Australia. Locals tend to advise flying into the territory due to the alternatives: very long car, bus, or train rides. This makes this airport a vital transportation link for residents, their visiting family and friends, business travelers and tourists alike. Some 3.2 million people utilize the airport every year, and there are more than 40,000 aircraft movements. Nearby ski resorts are a popular draw among Australians.

Canberra Airport Amenities

Generally, Canberra International Airport opens at 5am and remains open until the last flight has landed, and its passengers have picked up their luggage. This is also true of its many parking facilities. Two 1000-space parking garages are linked directly to departures and arrivals levels in the airport. These can be used for short or long stays. For those dropping off or picking up passengers, Canberra Airport offers several free 10-minute parking areas. These are near the open-air parking lot nearest the terminal building.

The airport itself is located on the west side of the two runways. There is a business park by the passenger terminal. A mixed use area is also in the area, too. In addition, the former air force base on the eastern side of the runways is now called Fairbairn and is still in use by the military. It is operated by the No. 34 Squadron, which maintains the VIP transport aircraft for the Royal Australian Air Force.

The airport has a new terminal for common use among all carriers. On the upper level, departing travelers will find the long ticketing desks. Security is nearby. After security, there are restrooms, food service and an ATM machine to the left. Further to the left, there is an escalator to Gates 4-9. In addition, there will be more food service, an airline-specific lounge, and Gates 5 and 6. Gate 11 is straight ahead of security. Gates 12 and 13 are to the right of security. Gate 14 is to the right and down the escalator or stairs. Next to the restrooms, there is an entrance to another airline-specific lounge.

Unfortunately, there are no lockers where passengers can stow luggage when they have a long wait for a plane. As with any airport, it’s important to maintain an eye on all unchecked carry-ons, even if it means lugging a satchel into the restrooms or restaurants. Arriving travelers will enter the arrivals lounge when they deplane. They will find their luggage on one of two baggage carousels or at the oversize luggage collection desk. On this level, there are also restrooms, a baby change area, an ATM, a small convenience store, and a small food service. Escalators, elevators, and stairs are available in several locations for those who wish to go from the departures to arrivals area, or arrivals to the ticketing desk, but there are security requirements to return to the departure lounge.

Weather at the Airport

Weather plays a somewhat regular role in Canberra travel in the winter. On many winter mornings, fog makes it difficult to land and sometimes difficult to take off. This can cause a major delay since often the planes that can’t land are also the planes that need to be serviced and refueled for the next flight. Local residents often book the earliest flight on winter mornings out of Canberra because the plane will have stayed overnight and will be ready for the first available take-off slot in the morning.