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    Canberra International Airport: 2 Brindabella Circuit, Canberra International Airport ACT 2609, Australia

Canberra, the gorgeous capital city of Australia, attracts visitors from all over the world. These visitors can access the city through the three airlines that service Canberra Airport.

Brindabella Airlines offers connecting flights within Australia. The Canberra based airline was founded in 1994 by Lara Corry-Boyd. At first the airline simply provided charter service for executives, but in 2003 the company began conducting regional commercial flights. Now, Brindabella offers 150 flights a week between Australian cities such as Albury, Sydney, and Brisbane.

Brindabella operates small 18 seat Metroliners as well as 30 seat BAE Jetstream J41s aircraft. The J41s have cabin crew service. Brindabella focuses on scrupulous aircraft maintenance and exceptional customer service. As a Qantas affiliate, Brindabella accepts Qantas frequent flier miles.

Qantas Airways was established in 1920, starting out as a small company with an inventory of only two war surplus biplanes. The company has continued to grow and expand over the past century and is now often considered the world’s leading airline when it comes to long distance flights. Qantas continues to make advances in flight, as shown recently by introducing the first of its new fleet of B787 aircraft.

Qantas takes its stellar reputation in the airline industry seriously, even paying attention to little details such as designer uniforms. In fact, the company recently hired designer Martin Grant to overhaul the uniform design for all Qantas employees- the new design will debut in 2014.

Qantas also prioritizes its commitment to environmental issues. It has adopted the goal of flying carbon neutral, and its carbon offset program ranks fourth in the world among airlines. The airline also opts to maximize fuel efficiency and water conservation, and it provides an on-board recycling program to reduce waste.

Virgin Australia also flies out of Canberra Airport. This airline is a member of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group. Though Virgin has been flying in Australia since 2000, Virgin Australia is a new airline, having just launched in 2011.

This airline also prioritizes its commitment to improving the environment. Virgin Australia is a leader in the Australian airline industry’s quest to develop renewable jet fuel.

Though it is a new airline, Virgin Australia has already been piling up the awards. It recently won both “Best Airline” and “Best Staff Service” awards for the Australia Pacific Region. Virgin Australia’s frequent flier program, called Velocity, was also voted the best for Australia’s business travelers.