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    Burlington International Airport: 1200 Airport Dr, South Burlington, VT 05403

Quick Facts About the Airport

Burlington International Airport is used for both civil and military purposes and is located in South Burlington, Vermont, just three miles east of the central business district. It is a 10-minute drive away from Lake Champlain. It has two runways, one surfaced with asphalt, and one surfaced with asphalt and concrete.

Burlington International Airport
Burlington International Airport

Airport History

In 1920, an airplane landed in a cornfield, which later became the Burlington Municipal Airport. In 1934, the airport was the venue for the City of Burlington to present the keys to the city to Amelia Earhart. During World War II, once in 1942 and again in 1943, the airport was the busiest airport in the world, because it was outside the declared Defence Zone and continued operating and training pilots for other airports in the area who were not allowed to function. The declared Defence Zone extended 240 kilometres inland from the coast, and no private aircraft was allowed to fly within this zone.

The name changed to Burlington International Airport in 1969, in an attempt to rebrand it from a small local airport to an international airport. From 1970 to 1973 a new terminal was built and, since then, five gates, four boarding bridges, a parking garage, customer service areas and a connected walkway were added. The airport was built with local marble, maple, and granite to harmonise with the natural Vermont scenery. The airport is on 942 acres.

Airport’s Military Use

The military facilities include two military installations based at the airport. One is the Burlington Air National Guard Base with the 158th Fighter Wing, which is the Vermont Air National Guard’s Air Combat Command division. They fly F-16C Fighting Falcons. An Army Aviation Support Facility of the Vermont Army National Guard is the other military installation, which supports the 1st Battalion, the 86th Medical Company and the 103rd Aviation Regiment.

Burlington Airport Amenities

The Terminal has two floors. The check-in and airline ticket counters are on the ground floor. There are restaurants on both levels. The security services are provided by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is responsible for the air traffic control.

The Burlington Airport offers several activities to keep passengers entertained while they wait for flights. There are comfortable areas where passengers can relax or sleep on couches and easy chairs, talk to friends over coffee or observe the runways and aircraft from rocking chairs.

On the upper floor of the airport, there is a place where passengers can practice yoga, take a shower, or just find a peaceful place to sit. There is also a family shower across from the Observation Tower.

On top of the parking garage is Green Roof, which is an open garden where passengers can sit, enjoy the view, and escape from the air conditioning. There are benches and a picnic table among the alpine plants. It can be reached by taking the elevator or stairs to the sixth floor of the parking garage.

The Observation Tower is on the upper floor of the terminal on the eastern side of the airport and also has a quiet place to sit while watching the planes take off or gazing at the Green Mountains.

The airport offers free high-speed wireless Internet connection throughout the terminal as well as complementary charging stations in the North and South concourse.

The Airport Admissions Office on the upper level of the terminal is the place for lost and found inquiries for things left in the airport. For items left on a plane, the airline needs to be contacted directly.

Inside the terminal, on the main floor, near the baggage carousels are the car rental company’s reservation counters. All the top car rental companies are represented there.