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So many great attractions, so close to your Buenos Aires Airport Hotel. Check out a few of the great things to do and see around Buenos Aires

Cabildo (Government Building)

Distance from Ministro Pistarini Airport: 10.3mi / 16.6km

Situated on Plaza de Mayo and the only surviving Government building from colonial times, the Cabildo was constructed in 1748. In May 1810, it was the focus for the May Revolution. Since then, it has suffered from many parts of the building being demolished, until 1932, when it finally remained at the size which it now stands at.
Plaza de Mayo
Tel: (011) 238 8651/2. Fax: (011) 238 8699.

Casa Rosada (Pink House)
Casa Rosada (Pink House)

Casa Rosada (Pink House)

Distance from Ministro Pistarini Airport: 19.7mi / 31.8km

Occupying the eastern end of Plaza de Mayo, this shocking pink Presidential Palace has a world-famous balcony, which has seen the likes of General Galtieri, Diego Maradona, Evita and Peron addressing the crowds at various stages in Argentina’s history. Originally a fortress, the Casa Rosada was remodelled as a palace for the Viceroy, when Buenos Aires became the Capital of the Viceroyalty of the Rio de la Plata in 1776.
Plaza de Mayo
Tel: (011) 4344 3600.

La Boca

Distance from Ministro Pistarini Airport: 20.3mi / 32.7km

This barrio is best known for its football team, Boca Juniors, for whom the legendary Diego Maradona played, but also for its coloured wooden and corrugated iron houses. Its historical relevance lies in the fact that it was once the residence for the Genovese dock-workers and sailors around the turn of the nineteenth century. The houses comprise of materials removed from deserted ships and the use of colour was heavily influenced by Benito Quinquela Martine – one of Argentina’s most famous painters – who used his artwork as a form of social protest.
Transport: Bus 29, 53 or 86.

La Recoleta Cemetery
La Recoleta Cemetery

La Recoleta Cemetery

Distance from Ministro Pistarini Airport: 20.4mi / 32.8km

A cemetery may not be everyone’s idea of a tourist attraction, but La Recoleta, founded in 1822, is one of the most famous in the world for attracting visitors. Much to the dismay of Buenos Aires’s privileged families, it is the final resting place of Maria Eva Duarte Peron or Evita as she is also known. A steady succession of locals and foreigners visit the site in order to pay homage to one of Argentina’s most illustrious figures. The vault is deliberately unsignposted but this doesn’t deter anyone.
Avenida Quinto and Junin, Recoleta

Museo de Art Decorativo

Distance from Ministro Pistarini Airport: 21mi / 33.7km

Based in the French-influenced Palacio Errazuriz, the Decorative Arts Museum is home to a magnificent collection of art and furniture. The mansion became a public museum in 1937, but it was originally built in 1911 for Chilean diplomat, Matias Errazuriz and his Argentine wife Josefina de Alvear. It was designed by Rene Sergent – a French architect of the Academic style.
Avenida del Libertador 1902

Museo de Arte Hispanomericano Isaac Fernandez Blanco

Distance from Ministro Pistarini Airport: 20.5mi / 33km

Housed in the neo-colonial Palacio Noel, the Spanish-American Art Museum contains South America’s most extensive collection of colonial silverwork. The 1920s building, in the style of eighteenth-century Lima Baroque, was once inhabited by its architect Martin Noel and his brother Carlos. In 1947, he donated it to the city and it now houses a museum that contains the Noels’ private collection of colonial art along with paintings donated by the art dealer after whom the museum is partly named.
Calle Suipacha 1422

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

Distance from Ministro Pistarini Airport: 20.9mi / 33.6km

A redbrick neo-classical building in the Recoleta district, the airy National Fine Arts Museum contains collections of European paintings and sculpture along with a complete collection of Argentine art.
Avenida del Libertador 1473, Recoleta
Opening hours: Tues-Fri 1230-1930, Sat & Sun 0930-1930.

Palacio San Martin

Distance from Ministro Pistarini Airport: 19.6mi / 31.5km

The Palacio San Martin, in the Retiro district, is one of the city’s most ostentatious buildings. Typifying the wealth of Argentina’s ruling classes, it was constructed in 1905 for the Anchorena family, who lived here until the Depression led to the disappearance of their wealth.
Calle Arenales and Esmeralda, Retiro
Tel: (011) 4819 8092.

Teatro Colon

Distance from Ministro Pistarini Airport: 20.1mi / 32.3km

Located on Plaza Lavalle, the Teatro Colon is regarded as one of the greatest opera houses in the world and is an essential visit even for those not usually interested in classical music. The Italian Renaissance-style building highlights the city’s European feel.
Avenida Libertad 62, Tacaman
Tel: (011) 4382 5414.