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    Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport: 1185 Budapest, Hungary

Quick Airport Facts

The Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport serves the capital of Hungary, Budapest. It is the biggest of the five international airports in the country. Formerly, the airport was called the Budapest Ferihegy International Airport, but it was renamed in honour of the composer and pianist on his 200th birthday. It is located 16 kilometres southeast of the Budapest city centre.

Airport Terminals

Today, the local people still call the airport Ferihegy. It has three main terminals which are labelled 1, 2A, and 2B and one small terminal. Passengers go between terminals 2A and 2B on foot, but there is bus service to Terminal 1, which is further away. Terminal 2 has an open-air viewing platform for spotters and relatives. Terminal 1 has a big balcony where people can enter for free and watch some flights boarding and aircraft taking off depending on the weather conditions.

Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport
Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport

Terminal 1 is an excellent example of architectural modernism. Construction started in 1939 and stopped because of World War II. It was completed in 1950. When viewed from above, the building resembles an aircraft and is unique in Europe. It received the Medal of the Europa Nostra Award.

This terminal is used for low-cost destinations and is located near Budapest. It takes less time to get to the city centre from this terminal. The Transportation Safety Bureau of Hungary is located in the terminal as is the National Transport Authority. Terminal 1 is temporarily out of use because of high traffic levels, and all airlines were moved to Terminal 2 with the low-cost airlines using check-in at hall 2B.

Terminal 2A used to be just Terminal 2, but was divided into 2A and 2B in 1998. After security check, departing passengers go to the hall of SkyCourt before proceeding to the boarding areas A. Terminal 2B passengers also go to SkyCourt before proceeding to boarding area B, where there are also shops and a money exchange box.

Budapest Airport Amenities

The SkyCourt between the terminals is a state-of-the-art building with five levels. It has passenger safety checks as well as baggage classifiers. It also has business lounges and Europe’s first MasterCard lounge. The transit hall has a Duty Free Shop and restaurants including fast food as well as Hungarian haute-cuisine. The SkyCourt allows Terminal 2 to receive 11 million passengers a year, instead of the previous seven million.

Budapest International Airport offers secure baggage wrapping services, several 24-hour ATM automats and, in Terminal 2, there are Euronet automats. There is also service for people with disabilities or reduced mobility who need special assistance. According to European Union Law, the airport offers equal access to flights and services with no discrimination or extra cost.

Disabled passengers, the elderly, families with small children, business class and passengers with frequent flyer cards can get priority service during security at Terminal 2. Stickers are attached to boarding passes at the check-in counter.

Other services include fast-track check-in, porter service, meeting rooms, conference halls, and VIP services. The airport also complies with all the international and local aviation safety and security measures.

The airport offers mobile desks for rent for the use of tour operators, travel agencies, conference organisers, or anyone else who needs the convenience for departing or arriving groups.

Parking at the Airport

Terminal 2 has over 2,500 parking places as well as Premium Parking, Bus Parking, Terminal Parking, Holiday-Plus Parking, Business Parking, Holiday Parking and parking for the physically challenged. These different services are for long-term as well as short term and VIP parking. Almost all of the major car rental companies have facilities at the airport. There are taxis and shuttles to take passengers to Budapest or other towns in Hungary. There are also buses that will transport passengers to Serbia and Romania.