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Noah's Ark Zoo Farm
Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm

Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm is approximately seven miles from Bristol International Airport in Lulsgate Bottom, England. This airport in the North Somerset area of the United Kingdom is also known as Bristol Airport. Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm has animals from all over the world. African animals include elephants, lions, zebras and giraffes. Zoo visitors can see wallabies and emus from Australia here. Llamas, tapirs and coatis are some of the animals from South America at the zoo. Visitors can also see tigers, camels and water buffalos from Asia. Children can pet guinea pigs, rabbits and chicks in the farmyard area. Daily events at the farm include tractor rides and an animal show.

There are more animals to see at the Bristol Zoo Gardens in Bristol approximately seven miles from the airport. This zoo has pandas, gorillas and hippos. There are more than 65 kinds of fish in the aquarium. Visitors can see clownfish, dragonfish and porcupine pufferfish. Underwater transparent walkways take visitors past seals and penguins. The zoo’s reptile house has snakes, frogs, turtles and tortoises. Butterflies and moths soar around a nectar garden in the butterfly forest. Beetles and ants crawl around in Bug World. Flowers in the gardens include lilies and orchids. The zoo has a large play area and an activity center. Explorers’ Creek is one of the zoo’s interactive exhibits. Children can splash in the water and build dams.

There are more interactive exhibits for children at At-Bristol. This science center is approximately seven miles from Bristol Airport. The center has a construction site with giant building blocks and a pretend television studio. Visitors can learn about the solar system, the human body and the history of animation. Children can perform science experiments to learn about heat and light. Storytelling is one of the activities for toddlers.

People who visit Cheddar Gorge approximately seven miles from the airport can get exercise and enjoy the fresh air. They can climb 274 steps to see the Lookout Tower or take a three-mile walk around the gorge and the top of a cliff. There are places for visitors to have a picnic while they enjoy the view. Tours of caves in the area are available.

History lovers will enjoy a tour of the Georgian House Museum approximately seven miles away from Bristol Airport. This house was built in the late 18th century, and it is arranged to look as it might have looked during that time period.

The Bristol Cathedral
The Bristol Cathedral

The Bristol Cathedral is another building in the area that will interest history lovers. The Elder Lady Chapel in the church was built in the 13th century. Parts of the stained glass windows in the cloister date back to the 14th and 15th centuries. The cathedral is approximately seven miles away from the airport.

Bristol visitors can learn about the history of retail and farming in the United Kingdom at Oakham Treasures. Exhibits at this museum approximately six miles from the airport include a grocery store, a hardware store and a sweet shop. Visitors can see more than 100 old tractors in the museum’s tractor display.