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    Bristol Airport: Bristol BS48 3DY, United Kingdom

Bristol International Airport
Bristol Airport

Airport History

Bristol Airport is less than 10 miles away from Bristol, England. The airport began as a flying club founded by local businessmen in 1927. The flying club received a lot of attention and the result of this was that rural farmland was purchased to build an airport. In 1930, the airport officially opened by Prince George. It was named Bristol Airport. During most of the 1930s, the airport received a number of flights. However, when World War II began, the Air Ministry took control of the airport. During this time, flights from Croydon Airport in London were diverted to the airport in Bristol. It was during this time that it was recognized that the runway could not be extended and meet the modern needs of airplanes. This resulted in a new airport being established in 1955. Since Prince George died during World War II, his wife, the Duchess of Kent, opened the new airport in Bristol. It was called Bristol Lulsgate Airport. Less than 10 years after the airport opened, the terminal building was expanded to meet air traffic demands. As time wore on, the airport in Bristol grew. International flights in particular expanded and served various places around the world. In 1997, it was renamed the Bristol International Airport. The name of the airport changed once more in 2010 to Bristol Airport.

Airport Terminal & Runway Info

On March 3, 2000, the Princess Royal opened the new terminal at the international airport in Bristol. There is one runway at Bristol Airport. It is made out of asphalt. It is nearly 6,600 feet long and is one of the shortest international runways in England.

Bristol Airport Parking

There are a number of parking options at the airport in Bristol. For folks looking for a quick place to park, whether they are picking someone up or dropping them off, they can go to the Express Drop Off & Pick Up. This parking area is close to the main terminal and is ideal for people who want to make a brief stop at Bristol Airport. Short-Stay Parking is a terrific option for folks who plan to stay at the airport longer than 40 minutes as they would if they were parking at Express Drop Off & Pick Up. Short Stay Parking has over 200 parking places from which to choose. Vehicles are monitored every hour of the day and parking lot staff is available to answer any questions. In addition to this, Short Stay Parking spaces can be reserved in advance.

For folks who are on a business trip or vacation and are planning to park their vehicles longer than a day, they can park at Long Stay Parking. Long Stay Parking is close to the main terminal. A complimentary bus service, which is active every hour of the day, brings people to and from the terminal. A security fence, security cameras, license plate recognition and more are in use to protect vehicles from harm.

Silver Zone Parking is a nice parking option. Travelers can park their vehicle at the Car Park Reception and take the complimentary bus to the main terminal. Vehicles are placed within a secure area to ensure their safety. Folks who are looking for the best economic deal at Bristol Airport can park at Silver Zone Parking.

Premier Parking has nearly 500 parking spaces. This parking area is just a few walking minutes from the main terminal. At Meet and Greet/Valet Parking, travelers can park their vehicles and be picked up by a parking attendant and brought promptly to the terminal. The airport offers free parking for scooters and motorcycles at the Motorbike Park.