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Airport History

Logan Airport in Boston, Massachusetts, was originally called Boston Airport. It opened in September of 1923, but it did not begin handling commercial passenger flights until 1927 when it began serving passengers with a route from Boston and New York City. The airport, which is located directly upon Boston Harbor, actually added landfill to the harbor to increase the amount of area that it could occupy. This happened during the 1940s. To complete this landfill project, earth was taken from islands located nearby, including Apple and Governors islands. In 1943, the airport was named after Edward Lawrence Logan. Logan was a general from South Boston who served as an officer in the Spanish-American War.

Boston Logan International Airport
Boston Logan International Airport

During the 1950s, Boston Logan International Airport began to resemble its current configuration much more closely. During this time, the airport also grew to accommodate over 100 daily departures. Additionally, it continued to expand so that it could handle steadily increasing amounts of passenger traffic. This growth continued through the rest of the 20th century. Expansion projects included the extension of runways and other infrastructure improvements designed to enhance the facility’s ability to handle larger aircraft and additional passengers. Since the turn of the century, the airport has undergone subsequent improvements including the construction of a new taxiway to help the facility handle air traffic more efficiently.

One of the most interesting aspects of Boston Logan’s history is its appearance in Martin Scorsese’s film, “The Departed.” The 2006 film included an important scene that was filmed at the airport. This scene was shot inside the bridge that connects the Central Parking Garage with Terminal E. Viewers of the movie can see a number of aircraft and Terminal C in the background. The airport has also been featured in television commercials.

Boston Logan Statistics

Boston Logan International Airport is the largest airport in the New England region of the American Northeast. It is also the country’s 19th busiest airport with approximately 13.5 million boardings annually and a total of about 28 million passengers served during the calendar year of 2011. Aircraft operations during 2011 totaled nearly 370,000. This means that the airport handles over 1,000 aircraft operations each day. Boston Logan is also one of the busiest international airports in the United States with more than 3.5 million international passengers handled on an annual basis.

Logan International Airport uses a total of six runways. All of the runways use asphalt as a surface material. The runways range in length from 2,557 feet to 10,083 feet. Four of the runways are 150 feet wide, while the remaining two are 100 feet wide. Runway 14/32 is the airport’s most recently-constructed runway. Its construction angered nearby residents because they thought that it would have a negative effect upon their communities as a result of increased air traffic. Although the runway is still somewhat controversial, it has allowed the airport to operate much more efficiently.

Passengers who use Boston Logan International Airport can hold reasonable expectations about their flights being on time. The airport is ranked 14th among domestic facilities for its ability to ensure that 80 percent of flights depart on time. In terms of arrivals, the airport ranks 25th among major U.S. airports based on the fact that 76 percent of domestic arrivals reach the airport on time.

Airport Terminal Information

Boston Logan International Airport uses four terminals. The terminals, which are known as A, B, C and E, contain a grand total of 103 gate positions. Terminals A through C handle domestic flights, while Terminal E is used for international flights. Interestingly, Terminal C is the oldest of the three domestic terminals, while Terminal A is the most recent to open.

Airlines Serving Boston Logan

Boston Logan International Airport is a focus city for JetBlue Airways, a regional low cost airline that is based in New York City. Offering a schedule featuring more than 30 destinations, JetBlue Airways is the busiest carrier at Logan International Airport. The low cost American airline connects Boston to major U.S. cities including Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, New York City, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Washington D.C. and Seattle. Tourists also appreciate the JetBlue Airways service to popular resort destinations in Florida such as Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa, and West Palm Beach. JetBlue Airways also takes tourists to Caribbean hot spots such as Aruba, Cayman Islands, Saint Martin, and U.S. Virgin Islands. All JetBlue Airways flights depart from Terminal C at Boston Logan International Airport.

Cape Air uses Boston Logan International Airport as a major hub. This regional airline company specializes in flights to small towns and modest sized cities within the northeast. Albany, Bar Harbor, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, and Provincetown are some of the popular destinations on the Cape Air schedule. Cape Air operates at Terminal C at Logan International Airport.

PenAir is the other airline that utilizes Boston Logan International Airport as a hub. This Alaskan based carrier connects Boston to Bar Harbor in Maine, Plattsburgh in New York, and Presque Isle in Maine. You can get on the PenAir fleet from Terminal B.

Being the busiest airport in the New England region, it’s not surprising that Boston Logan International Airport is served by some of the largest domestic airline companies. Operating in Terminal B, American Airlines has a lineup featuring Chicago, Dallas, Miami, New York, and Los Angeles.

Delta Air Lines uses Terminal A at Boston Logan International Airport. This major U.S. airline connects Boston to domestic destinations such as Atlanta, New York City, and Salt Lake City. International destinations offered by Delta Air Lines include European capital cities such as Amsterdam, London, and Paris. Cancun and Bermuda are popular resort destinations offered by Delta Air Lines. There are also Delta Connection and Delta Shuttle services available in Boston’s main airport. These Delta flights offer limited service within the Midwest.

United Airlines offers direct flights to Cleveland, Houston, and Newark. Additional service is available through the United Express schedule. U.S. Airways and U.S. Airways Express are some other major U.S. airlines serving Boston Logan International Airport.

International airlines that operate at Boston Logan International Airport include Aer Lingus, Air Canada, Air France, Alitalia, Iceland Express British Airways, and Lufthansa. These flag carriers offer world-class flights to some of the most popular cities in the world.