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    Boise Airport: 3201 Airport Way #1000, Boise, ID 83705

Southwest Airlines offers more non-stop flights than any other airline at Boise Airport. The airline, which is based in Dallas, Texas, uses Concourse B, and it operates flights to the cities of Denver, Las Vegas, Oakland, Phoenix, Spokane, and Portland, Oregon. Denver, Colorado is the most popular destination for Southwest travelers flying out of Boise. The airline’s flights to Phoenix and Portland from Boise are also very popular for air travelers.

Delta Airlines is responsible for providing the single most popular flight from Boise Airport. This flight travels to Salt Lake City, Utah, and it carries over 220,000 passengers to the destination each year. Delta, which operates from Concourse B, also provides flights to the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport in Minnesota. Delta also offers flights to Salt Lake City and Minneapolis/St. Paul through its Delta Connection program. These flights also originate from Concourse B, and they are operated by Compass Airlines and SkyWest Airlines.

Alaska Airlines is the only commercial carrier that uses Concourse C at the Boise Airport. The airline provides non-stop flights to Lewiston, Sacramento, San Jose, Seattle/Tacoma and more from Boise Airport. All of the airline’s flights from Boise are operated by Horizon Air.

A large number of vacationers use Allegiant Air as their carrier of choice from Boise Airport because the airline provides convenient non-stop flights to the cities of Honolulu, Hawaii and Las Vegas, Nevada. These cities are very popular for individuals going on vacation, and Allegiant is the only carrier that offers non stop service to Honolulu from Boise, making the airline very attractive for certain travelers. Similarly, Allegiant and Southwest are the only commercial airlines to offer non stop flights to Las Vegas.

United Airlines has a strong presence at Boise Airport. The airline serves the destinations of Chicago O’Hare and Denver, and its United Express program adds the destinations of Los Angeles and San Francisco. The United Express Flights are operated by SkyWest Airlines and GoJet Airlines. All United Airlines flights depart from Concourse B.

US Airways provides popular flights from Boise to Phoenix, Arizona, which is where the airline is based. The airline uses Concourse B, and it is one of just two carriers to provide service to the Arizona capital. Along with Southwest, US Airways flies nearly 100,000 people from Boise to Phoenix each year.

A handful of cargo carriers also use the Boise Airport. These include UPS, FedEx, Ameriflight, and Western Air Express. Destinations served by these airlines include Salt Lake City, Casper, Memphis, Louisville and Spokane.