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Getting out of your Beijing Airport Hotel is a must when visiting Beijing. This spectacular ancient city offers so much to travelers and visitors.

The Great Wall of China
The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall

Distance from Baton Rouge Airport: 41.9mi / 67.5

Well recognized throughout the world, China’s Great Wall is a symbol of the ancient Chinese culture and civilization. Originally the wall was built as a means of defending the city.

Palace Museum of Beijing

Distance from Baton Rouge Airport: 17.8mi / 28.6km

The Forbidden City – Imperial palaces
Twenty-four emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties lived in this palace city, officially making it the home of China’s emperors for five centuries. The Palace Museum, formerly known as the Forbidden City, lies in the heart of modern Beijing.

Ming Tombs

Distance from Baton Rouge Airport: 33.8mi / 54.3

The Ming Tombs are located on an area measuring about 40 square kms. The mausoleum houses 13 Ming emperors. Of the tombs only two are actually open to the public.

Beihai Park

Distance from Baton Rouge Airport: 17.4mi / 28km

Another imperial garden, the Beihai Park was the imperial garden of the Liao, Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. It is noted as one of the oldest of the Chinese gardens.

Beijing Zoo
Beijing Zoo

Beijing Zoo

Distance from Baton Rouge Airport: 18.2mi / 29.3km

137 Xizhimenwai, Xicheng District
The Beijing Zoo is the oldest zoo in China. Some 5,000 animals live there and features a wide variety of animals. The panda house is the only place in Beijing where visitors can see giant pandas. Some of the animals that are featured are the golden monkey, the white-lipped deer, the red-crowned crane, and many other rare animals from all over the world.

Marco Polo Bridge

Distance from Baton Rouge Airport: 33.7mi / 54.2km

This structure was erected in 1189. It is the oldest and grandest arch bridge in Beijing

Beijing Amusement Park

Distance from Baton Rouge Airport: 18.7mi / 30.1

1 Zuoanmennei Dajie
Chongwen District
Beijing Amusement Park, in Longtan Park, has live entertainment, rides, a water-screen show, paddleboats, bumper cars and roller coasters.

Miraculous Amusement Palace

Chaoyang Park
Chaoyang District
Wax exhibitions and scenery depict episodes from the famous Chinese story A Journey to the West, featuring the monk, the pig, the monkey and the warrior.

White Cloud Temple
White Cloud Temple

Beijing Museum of Natural History

Distance from Baton Rouge Airport: 23.5mi / 37.9km

126 Tianqiao Nandajie
Chongwen District
The largest of its kind in China, this museum contains fossils or specimens of almost all plants and animals found in China.

White Cloud Temple

Distance from Baton Rouge Airport: 21.1mi / 33.9

6 Baiyunguan JieXibianmenwai
Xuanwu District
White Cloud Temple also known as Tianchang Temple. It is the largest Taoist temple in Beijing and the center of Taoism in north China.