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    Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport: 9430 Jackie Cochran Dr, Baton Rouge, LA 70811

Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport started out as a United States Army Air Corps training base called Harding Field. This training base was in use for four years during World War II. Harding Field was turned into a civilian airport in August of 1948. It continued to go by the name Harding Field until 1954, at which point it was renamed Ryan Airport in honor of Captain William Joseph Ryan. In May of 1981, the name of Ryan Airport was changed to the current name of Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport, Ryan Field.

The airport is located five miles away from the Baton Rouge city center. It sits on 1,800 acres at an elevation of 70 feet above sea level. The airport contains two runways, one measuring 7,004 feet long and the other measuring 7,600 feet long. A third, shorter runway (measuring only 3,799 feet) is used for smaller aircraft. Aircraft parking is available on 18 acres of the airport. The airport is equipped to handle aircraft ranging from jets for regional travel to Boeing 757s. The airport does have space for aircraft needing to be parked overnight.

Airport Operation

Baton Rouge Airport
Baton Rouge Airport

Though Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport is an agency under the City-Parish government, it does not receive funding from government sources. It is a self-supporting operation.

The airport operates at least 60 jet flights each day, which connect to five different hub airports. Flights from Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport connect to these hubs in Memphis, Dallas, Houston, Charlotte, and Atlanta.

The airport offers a parking garage and the service of a security escort to the parking garage. Parking shuttles are also available. The airport also has a convenient “mail it back” service to assist passengers in reclaiming belongings that do not pass the airport’s security check.

Airport Terminal

The airport terminal centers around a lovely atrium. This 3-story showcase includes gorgeous landscaping and a terrific view of the airfield.

The airport terminal includes amenities such as gift shops and a food court. The airport also contains features of use to traveling families such as a kids’ room and a nursing mothers’ room. In addition, passengers may relax in front of cable televisions or unwind in massage chairs or shoe shine stations. A smoking lounge, reading room, and non-denominational chapel are also available.

Business travelers can expect to find state of the art facilities at Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport. The airport has recently upgraded its Wi-Fi capability so that Internet service is available throughout the terminal as a complimentary service. In addition, the airport features a business center that offers conveniences such as a copy machine and quiet workstations.

For business meetings, the airport offers a conference room that is available for rent. This 1,800 square foot room is located on the airport’s first floor, in the pre-security section. It includes an eight-foot tall projection screen, a television and VCR, and numerous tables and chairs. The conference room has a kitchen equipped with a refrigerator, a sink, a microwave, and a coffee maker. In addition, the airport offers on-site catering options.

The terminal has undergone renovations that will upgrade facilities such as restrooms and vending areas. The renovation will enlarge the airport’s rotunda area and create larger seating areas.

The Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport has seen traffic increases in recent years, with the number of passengers traveling through the airport increasing by as much as 20% in some months.