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Casa de l’ Ardiaca

Distance from Barcelona Airport: 9.5mi / 15.2km

Standing beside what was the Bishop’s gate in the Roman wall is the Archdeacon’s house. It was built in the 12th century, but its present form dates from around 1500 when it was remodeled and a colonnade added. In 1870 this was extended by the addition of a Gothic patio around the fountain.

Cathedral de Barcelona
Cathedral de Barcelona

Cathedral de Barcelona

Distance from Barcelona Airport: 9.5mi / 15.2km

Built between 1298 and 1450, the cathedral is an excellent example of Catalonian Gothic architecture. It was begun in 1298 under Jaume II on the foundations of a Roman temple and a Moorish mosque.Its large bell towers blend medieval and Renaissance styles. Beautiful cloisters, the high altar, the side chapels, the sculptured choir and Gothic arches are among the features that make this one of the most impressive cathedrals in Europe.

Frederic Mares Museum

Distance from Barcelona Airport: 9.4mi / 15.2km

The sculptor Frederic Mares I Deulovol (1893-1991) was a traveler and collector. This building is part of the Royal Palace complex and was occupied by 13th century bishops, 14th century counts, 15th century judges and 16th century nuns. Mares had a small apartment in the building and opened the museum in 1948.

Museum of the History of the City of Barcelona

Distance from Barcelona Airport: 9.3imi / 14.9km

The museum occupies a Gothic building that in 1931 was brought stone by stone from its original location in Carrer dels Mercaders. During the excavation at this site, the remains of Roman water and drainage systems, baths, mosaic floors, and a road were found.

Palau Reial Major (Royal Palace)

Distance from Barcelona Airport: 9.4mi / 15.1km

Originally the palace of the counts of Barcelona, this later became the residence of the kings of Aragón. During the Inquisition, the accused were tried in this square.

Wax Museum

Distance from Barcelona Airport: 8.8mi / 14.2km

Pasaje de la Banca, 7 (at the end of La Rambla)
93 317 2649
Contains a collection of wax figures representing famous people from the world of the arts, science, history, etc.

Museum of Geology

Distance from Barcelona Airport: 9.3mi / 15km

La Ciutadella Park. Passeig Tillers.
93 319 6895.
This is Barcelona’s oldest museum. It was opened in 1882. It has a large collection of fossils and minerals, including specimens from Catalonia and around the country.

La Llotja (Commodity Exchange)

Distance from Barcelona Airport: 10.6mi / 17.1km

Built in the 1380’s as the headquarters of a guild of Catalan sea traders, it was remodeled in neo classical style in 1771 and housed the city’s stock exchange until 1994. The upper floor housed the Barcelona School of Fine Arts where the young Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró both studied.

Bullfighting Museum
Bullfighting Museum

Zoological Museum

Distance from Barcelona Airport: 9.4mi / 15.2km

Built as a restaurant for the 1888 Universal Exhibition and inspired by the Gothic style Llotja (commodities exchange), it has housed the museum since 1937. Exhibition of stuffed animals and interesting zoological study collections.

Bullfighting Museum

Distance from Barcelona Airport: 11.2mi / 18.1km

Located in the Monumental Bullring
245 5803.
Distance from Barcelona Airport: 10.4mi / 16.8km

On bullfighting days the museum is open in the morning from 10 – 1 only. It consists of two large rooms and exhibits the branding-irons and emblems of famous stock farms, the heads of famous bulls, a collection of posters from the past, old tickets, the suits of famous bullfighters and rejoneadores (mounted bullfighters), photographs, documents, a library and other objects relating to bullfighting in general.