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    Bangor International Airport: 287 Godfrey Blvd, Bangor, ME 04401

Bangor International Airport is a small airport located in a busy sector of Bangor, Maine. It is not a hub for any airlines, however it is primarily used by US Air and Delta, as well as a popular departure destination for travelers using JetBlue to head to southeastern cities.

This airport has two gates, though often during hectic holiday seasons, makeshift gates whereas passengers are escorted to board or accompanied to disembark on the tarmac using some of the lower level entrance gates. This airport is used by smaller aircraft usually, partly due to the size of the facility but also due to the geographic locale.

The most popular destination for travelers leaving this city and airport is Boston, Massachusetts. While Boston may only serve as a connector to larger, often trans-Atlantic flight schedules, it also serves as a popular getaway for New Englander’s seeking the metropolitan city lifestyle that Boston provides.

US Airways often uses smaller aircraft on flights in and out of Bangor with connections in either Boston or New York’s Laguardia airport; the airlines providing these smaller planes vary and are generally less populated flights with less offered amenities during in-flight service. During the holidays, however, it can be expensive and challenging to find flights departing this city with availability- due to the size of the aircraft using this airport as well as the often unpredictable New England weather. It is not uncommon for flights to suffer long, frustrating delays due to winter conditions and ice build up on the aircraft that must be tended to.

With the arrival of Jet Blue in Bangor, many regional travelers have taken a new interest in flying out of Bangor to take advantage of the non-stop service to southern US destinations. There are few non-stop flights out of Bangor, so this is an added benefit to utilizing that particular airline when booking vacations, business travel, etc. It has drawn a new attention to this small, two-gate airport that was not evident previously.

Simple to navigate and quaint in its amenities, Bangor International Airport is a busy stop despite its limitations due to size and geography. Bangor International Airport serves as the welcome mat for the NorthEast and all who fly there!