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    Suvarnabhumi Airport: 999 Bang Na-Trat, Racha Taeva, Bang Phli, Samut Prakan, 10540, Thailand

Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi International Airport, which is known to some as Suvarnabhumi Airport or Bangkok International Airport, is about 30 miles east of the center of Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi International Airport is one of two international airports in Bangkok. The second airport is Don Mueang International Airport.

Suvarnabhumi Airport
Suvarnabhumi Airport

King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand named the airport. It was named after a term in the Sanskrit language, which means the “Land of Gold” or “Golden Land.” Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi International Airport opened in 2006. When it opened, it had 6,060,000 square feet of space in one building and it was the largest passenger terminal in the world. Today, it is still one of the largest airport terminal buildings in the world. It was constructed by the ITO Joint Venture and designed by famous German-American architect Helmut Jahn of Murphy/Jahn Architects.

Airport History

In the 1960s, officials recognized the need for a second airport in Bangkok. Although the need was identified, it took a number of years for the project to be established. An 8,000-acre site was selected and purchased in 1973, but the overthrow of Prime Minister Thanom Kittikachorn prevented the deal from being approved. A number of years later, the site for the new airport was selected. It is located in a former swamp known to some as “Cobra Swamp.” Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi International Airport was scheduled to be opened in 2005, but a number of setbacks and delays, including financial challenges, prevented it from opening that year. There are seven concourses at the airport. The Concourses are A, B, C, D, E, F and G.

There are two runways at the Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi International Airport. The first runway is made out of asphalt and is 13,123 feet long. The second runway is 12,139 long and like the first runway, it is made out of asphalt. The runways parallel each other. The cost of constructing both runways was about five billion dollars.

Suvarnabhumi Airport Amenities

The Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi International Airport has a number of complimentary amenities for passengers to enjoy. In Concourses B and D, passengers can enjoy lounges. These lounge areas are where people can sit in plush, comfortable chairs and wait to board their perspective planes. In addition to this, there are television screens from which to watch television. This is a great place to read a book or to relax. There is a play area in the airport for kids to play and run off energy before going on the plane. The area is called Wonderworld. In addition to physical activities, there are fun games and other various amusements to experience. There is special seating for parents as they watch their kids entertain themselves.

The Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi International Airport has special services for folks who are physically challenged or disabled. Wheel chairs are available to transport passengers to the location they need to be. In addition to this, the airport staff is willing to assist with various needs that passengers may have.

There are a number or parking options at Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi International Airport for passengers or visitors. Car Park 1 and 4 are great options in which to park. These parking areas are close to the main terminal and are fantastic for people who are being picked up or dropped off at the airport. Car Park 2 and 3 is close to the main terminal as well. Free Zone parking is an excellent place to park a vehicle for free. However, it is a bit of a distance from the terminal complex. Long-Term Car Park is a terrific option for people who want to park their vehicles at the airport for an extended period of time.

Airlines Serving Bangkok Suvarnabhumi

Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport is one of the busiest in Asia with a full complement of regional and domestic carriers. It is the principle hub for Bangkok Airways, which operates to regional destinations in Asia. This airline began as a charter service in the late 1960s but began scheduled routs about 20 years later. It moved from turboprops to jet aircraft in 2000. The airline operates about 20 aircraft to a similar number of destinations.

Thai Airways International is one of the larger carriers utilizing Suvarnabhumi International as a hub. This carrier is the national flag airline of Thailand and operates nearly 100 aircraft under its own logo. Its operation from Bangkok includes service to more than 50 destinations in Asia, America, and Europe. These services include major international hubs such as London and Los Angeles. The only direct flight to the United States from Bangkok is offered by Thai Airways. United Airlines, an American flag carrier, offers flights to its hub at Tokyo with connections to various locations in the United States.

Thai Smile, a subsidiary of Thai Airways also operates from a hub at Bangkok. This airline provides budget regional service to about a half dozen destinations with a fleet Airbus 320 aircraft. The airlines rather unique name was the result of a public contest looking for an original name for the new endeavor.

Orient Thai is another limited schedule regional carrier flying to Asian destinations form a hub at Suvarnabhumi International Airport. This airline does operate some wide-bodied Boeing 747s as part of its fleet along with a variety of smaller aircraft. Orient Thai operates domestically in Thailand with the exception of its service to Hong Kong.

Suvarnabhumi International Airport provides service to a number of national flag carriers offering direct flights to their hubs usually in the capital of its country. For example, Air France flies directly to Paris, Air India offers service to Delhi and Mumbai, Finnair flies to Helsinki and Qantas provides service to Sydney. Through their hubs, these airlines and other national carriers provide worldwide serve to almost any destination from Bangkok.

Some international lines do combine several destinations into flights from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport. Emirates Airline, flag carrier for the United Arab Emirates provides service to New Zealand, Australia, and Dubai while SriLankan Airlines serves Beijing, Hong Kong, and Shanghai from Bangkok.