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After relaxing in your Baltimore Airport Hotel, check out some of the great attractions that are close by.

Antique Row Shops

Distance From Baltimore–Washington Airport: 10.7mi

While visiting Baltimore, visitors should investigate the varied venues for shopping. The Antique Row Shops are also known as The Avenue of the Arts. The Avenue showcases Classy objects and higher quality pieces.

Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum

Distance From Baltimore–Washington Airport: 10.7mi

The Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum, is situated within the original house where Poe lived. Built in the 1830’s, Poe resided in this house for two to three years. At the threat of becoming demolished in 1941, The Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore restored the home, and converted it into a museum dedicated to the great poet. The museum is unique in that it not only gives visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the literary world of Poe, but it also highlights Baltimore’s past.

The Baltimore Zoo
The Baltimore Zoo

The Baltimore Zoo

Distance From Baltimore–Washington Airport: 13mi

The Baltimore Zoo, recognized as the third oldest zoological park in the nation, offers the family a fun-filled time. The Baltimore Zoo has over 2,250 animals in residence: everything from each category of birds, reptiles, and mammals. New residents of the zoo include a pair of cheetahs, two elephants, five giraffes, two snow leopards and a troop of chimpanzees in the Chimpanzee Forest. All the exhibits are designed with low sightlines that allow children to see the animals. Zoo Programs and exhibits are geared to groups of all ages. Experience the excitement of an African safari at the zoo’s six-acre African Watering Hole. The Children’s Zoo is rated number one in America and provides interactive activities, a farmyard for baby animals, and a new Kids Zone petting zoo. The zoo animals also celebrate holidays: so be sure not too miss the Halloween Zoo Boo exhibit and the Zoo Lights display in December.

Maryland Science Center

Distance From Baltimore–Washington Airport: 10mi

Located at the end of Inner Harbor, the Maryland Science Center provides visitors with an interactive voyage into science. A must see, the museum has an extensive array of displays and exhibits. All three floors present hands-on exhibits highlighting energy, the Hubble Space Telescope, the human body, static electricity, holograms, and so much more. The museum will stretch your mind, with the live demonstrations and permanent exhibits.

National Aquarium in Baltimore
National Aquarium in Baltimore

National Aquarium in Baltimore

Distance From Baltimore–Washington Airport: 10.3mi

The National Aquarium provides a fun and educational visit for all! Anchored on Inner Harbor, the National Aquarium is located within the triangular glass building that remains as a familiar sight of Baltimore. Each of the museum’s four levels showcases marine mammals, amphibians, birds and fish. The aquarium features dolphin performances, over 10, 000 sea creatures, rain forest with exotic birds, dart frogs, live piranhas and a running stream, a petting area, a coral reef exhibit, and much more. The Shark pool offers visitors a close view of the sharks as they swim about. A genuine treat for the entire family!

The Babe Ruth Birthplace and Official Orioles Museum

Distance From Baltimore–Washington Airport: 10.1mi

Baltimore is famous for baseball. Baltimore is also the hometown of one of baseball’s greatest legends. This museum is dedicated to commemorating baseball. One portion of the museum features the great player Babe Ruth. Here, visitors have the opportunity to view some of Ruth’s memorabilia: Ruth’s original catcher’s mitt from St. Mary’s Industrial School, a bat he used during the 1927 season, and a scorecard from his first professional game are just a few of the items on display. In another section of the museum, Orioles memorabilia is on display. Famous ball players such as Cal Ripken are honored here.