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    Heydar Aliyev International Airport: Khazar, Azerbaijan

Baku International Airport is also known as Heydar Aliyev International Airport. It is 20 kilometres northeast of the capital city of Baku. It is the busiest airport in the Caucasus and one of five international airports in Azerbaijan. It has three terminals, North and South, one of which is for domestic and Commonwealth of Independent States passengers and the other is for international passengers. There is also a terminal for cargo.

Heydar Aliyev Airport
Heydar Aliyev Airport

Aviation began over Baku in 1910 when a French biplane was flown over the area to the applause of an amazed crowd on the ground. By 1923, a Civil Aviation company was established and planes were used for aerial surveys, to carry mail and deliver emergency goods. By 1926, regular flights began throughout the region. In 1937, regular flights carrying up to 15 passengers flew over the Caucasus ridge to Moscow. Today, Baku is one of the major cargo transport hubs and has flights to dozens of major cities around the world.

Airport Terminals

The check-in counters are on the second floor of the North and South Terminals. Each terminal has 24 check-in counters. After check-in, passengers go to immigration control. After passports are checked, passengers may go to the departure lounge where there are cafes and restaurants, Duty Free Shops and relaxing chairs.

Parking is located at the exit point of the arrivals area in both terminals on the second floor. There is a fee for parking as well as a penalty fee for losing or damaging a parking ticket.

The airport has five VIP and Business Class lounges that have a bar, satellite and cable TV, duty free shop, Internet access and fast track check-in. Immigration and customs formalities can be completed in the lounge. Fast Track check-in including immigration and customs is also available to all passengers. The VIP Aviation Services Company in the airport needs to be contacted to sign-up for Fast Track services.

There is free, hotspot Wifi Internet access for all passengers. It is available in the North and South Terminals, the Duty Free zones, Departure Gates and Arrivals waiting zones.

Ground Handling Company operates an office for lost and found articles. If items are lost inside aircraft or if baggage is lost, the airline company needs to be contacted. Found items can be retrieved before going through security check-in at information desks that are located on the first floor of each terminal.

Heydar Aliyev Airport Terminals

Car rental in the airport is provided by Aznur. They offer a variety of models of cars and rates as well as packages for good quality car rental service. Drivers are also available on request. The inquiry desk for car rental is on the first floor of the North and South Terminals before Security Check-in.

Several different bank services are available at Baku International Airport. These services include money transfer and currency exchanges. There are currency exchanges on the first floor of both terminals as well as in the Duty Free zone on the second floor. Cash Machines are on the first floor of the North and South Terminals in the arrival areas.

The airport offers business aviation services and ground handling services for charters and VIP passengers. They arrange for corporate as well as individual flights. The ground handling is seamless and quick for these flights. Requests can be made directly to the airport or to the HR and Operations departments.

The Baku International Airport is on the ancient Silk Route connecting east and west, and the Baku Cargo Terminal continues this tradition. It is state-of-the-art, with the latest technology, security cameras, X-rays and radiation detecting equipment and much more to make this a major hub of cargo transfer in the area.