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Austin in a Day: What to See

Very few cities embody a cultural renaissance as much as Austin, Texas. Located in central Texas, this town is not only a solid destination for music and art lovers, it has also become a hub for young professionals, students, international corporations, retirees, and everyone in between. For those that are considering a trip to this location, it would take weeks or even months to scratch the surface, but even a short trip will be memorable. Here is a closer look at what destinations may be ideal for anyone that only has a day and a night to enjoy the many sights of Austin.

Where to Stay

The first question that most visitors ask is the best place to stay within this city. That question can be answered by one’s budget, how they will be traveling to get to the city, and what they would like to see when they get there. Bergstrom International Airport is a major air travel hub for national and international flight and it is located on the outskirts of Austin right off of the 35 Freeway. Situated around the airport are a number of affordable hotels along with a few high-end options such as the Hilton. For those that have their own transportation, it may be more exciting to head into the city itself for lodging.

By traveling just a few miles up the 35 Freeway travelers can get a much better idea of the city and possibly even put themselves within walking distance of many attractions. This includes a number of popular spots along Ladybird Lake such as The Four Seasons and Radisson. From these locations, sightseers are just moments from the ever-popular 6th street, Ladybird Lake trails, and multiple freeways for easy access around the city.

During the Day

For anyone that loves the great outdoors, Austin has plenty to offer. In addition to annual bike races, marathons, and sporting events at The University of Texas at Austin, there are also a number of trails and picnic locations along Ladybird Lake , Burr Park, and Walter E Lake. Each of these can be found within just two miles of Downtown Austin and provide activities for the entire family. There are also a number of cultural centers and museums that are a great option to get out of the sun for a few hours. Some of the most popular choices for museums and art centers include the Bullock Texas State Museum, the Harry Ransom Center, Blanton Museum, and Mexican Art Museum.

Food and Night Life

If Austin, Texas was only known for one thing, it may very well be the live music. There are concert halls and music venues throughout the entire city and many of its suburbs, but most tourists turn to 6th street in order to make the most out of their trip. Those that have decided on one of the nearby hotel will be within walking of hundreds of restaurants, bars, and live music venues. While perched just a few blocks from 6th street, the Alamo Drafthouse is a restaurant, bar, and movie theater rolled into one. This can be a great first stop for the night or the perfect way to end the evening with a meal. Most weekends, this street will be closed from traffic for over a mile allowing anyone to enjoy a short stroll to any food, drinks, or music that stick out.

Austin in a Day

There is simply too much within this welcoming city for anyone to be satisfied in a day, but even 24 hours in Austin will be a trip worth remembering.