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    Atlantic City International Airport: 101 Atlantic City International Airport, Atlantic City, NJ 08234

Atlantic City International Airport is located in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The sole major airline that serves customers traveling to and from Atlantic City is Spirit Airlines. As of 2012, the Miramar, Florida-based airline company is the most used airline with flights to various locations in Florida. Spirit flies these routes on a year-round basis. Other cities where Spirit Airlines fly to include Boston, Chicago, Detroit, and Myrtle Beach, S.C. Spirit Airlines travel to these cities on a seasonal basis. Among the top ten busiest domestic routes, Spirit Airlines claims all ten spots.

As of September 2011, the most-busiest route Spirit airline was from Atlantic City to Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Last year, 148,000 from Atlantic City have traveled to the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport via Spirit Airlines. The second most-busiest destination from Atlantic City was Orlando, Fla., with 140,000 passengers. The third most-busiest destination was to Fort Myers Fla., with 66,000 passengers. Among destinations outside of Florida, the busiest destination was Myrtle Beach with 64,000 passengers. The Myrtle Beach route is the fourth-busiest route out of Atlantic City. Following Myrtle Beach, Atlanta is the fifth most-busiest with 58,000 passengers. Boston and Chicago are the seventh and ninth most-busiest routes, respectively. 38,000 passengers travel to Boston via Atlantic City, while 20,000 fly to Chicago. In the Atlantic City area, Spirit Airlines serves as the hub for the east coast and serves as a direct connection to one of the most popular vacation spots in the world.

Another airline that serves travelers is Charter Air Transport owned by Harrah’s Atlantic City. The airline serves as a direct flight to the Republic Airport in Farmingdale, New York. Charter Air Transport also serves travelers on a seasonal basis. There is one terminal that serves all Spirit Airline flights.