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There is so much to do and see in Athens, so get out of your Athens Airport Hotel and go explore some of the attractions near Athens Airport.


Distance From Athens Airport: 19.7mi / 31.8km

The Agora was the most important part of every city-state in ancient Greece. It was the center of life, of economic, social, political and judicial activity, as well as the main commercial center. The Ancient Agora of Athens covers an area of about 10 acres. It lies below the Acropolis, south of the hill of the Areopagus.

The National Archaeological Museum:

Distance From Athens Airport: 21.4mi / 34.6km

The National Archaeological Museum is an unrivalled treasure house of Cycladic, Minoan, Mycenaean, and Classical Greek art.

The Museum of Cycladic and Ancient Greek Art:

Distance From Athens Airport: 20.6mi / 33.2km

This modern museum has the world’s finest collection of Cycladic art. It contains a collection of ancient Greek art with the earliest pieces from about 5000 years ago. The Cycladic figurines dating from the third millennium BC have never enjoyed the popularity of Classical sculpture.

The Numismatic Museum of Athens:

Distance From Athens Airport: 20.8 / 33.5km

Has over 300,000 coins from the 7th century BC to the present.

The National Historical Museum:

Distance From Athens Airport: 21.4mi / 34.5km

Designed by French architect, Francois Boulanger, (1807-1875), this museum was originally built as the first home of the Greek Parliament. It contains rare exhibits and mementos from the Greek War of Independence, the Balkan Wars and World War.

Athens Military Museum
Military Museum

The Military Museum

Distance From Athens Airport: 20.1mi / 32.5km

The museum contains exhibits and mementos from the wars the Greeks fought, from antiquity to the present.

The Greek Museum of the Theater and Study Center:

Distance From Athens Airport: 21.3mi / 34.3km

This small museum traces Greek theatrical history from Classical times to the present. There are displays of original posters, costumes, and programs and designs from productions. There is also a colorful puppet theater. The dressing rooms of famous Greek actresses such as Eleni Papadaki and Elli Lampeti have been recreated to give insight into their lives.

Historical Museum of the University of Athens:

Distance From Athens Airport: 21.4mi / 34.5km

It contains books, and photographs from the oldest university in Greece.

The Shadow Puppet Theater:

Distance From Athens Airport: 21.3mi / 34.5km

It contains many objects from the performances at the Shadow Puppet Theater donated by Evgenios Spatharis and his wife Fani. Shadow Theater originally came to Greece from the Far East via players who traveled throughout the Ottoman Empire from the Far East.

The Athens City Museum:

Distance From Athens Airport: 21.3mi / 34.4km

King Otto and Queen Amalia lived in this modest mansion for seven years (1831-1839) while their new palace was being completed. It was restored in 1980 and opened as a museum devoted to Royal memorabilia, furniture, family portraits, maps and prints.

The Jewish Museum:

Distance From Athens Airport: 21.1mi / 34km

Beth Shalom, the Athens synagogue, on Odos Melidoni, stands in what was, before World War II, a vibrant Jewish neighborhood. Across the street from Beth Shalom is the old synagogue, which Beth Shalom, with its marble facade, replaced. You can get information on visiting the synagogue, and on services, from the Jewish Museum.