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    Athens International Airport: Αττική Οδός, Σπάτα 19019, Greece

Athens International Airport, known by airport code ATH, provides domestic, international and cargo air services to the Athens area of Greece. About 14 million passengers pass through the gates traveling on the planes of more than a dozen carriers. Several carriers utilize the airport for a hub providing extended service to the region.

Athens, the ancient home of the Olympic games, is also the hub of Olympic Airlines. The airline uses about 20 aircraft to fly to domestic destinations in Greece as well as a limited list in southern Europe. The airline is one of the top domestic Greek carriers.

Aegean Airlines, also operating a hub at Athens, is the largest Greek passenger airline. This airline operates about 30 aircraft with a total passenger count of about 6 million people per year. A possible merger between Aegean and Olympic Airlines would result in consolidations of operations including the hubs both operate at Athens International Airport. The merger has been blocked by the European Union but may be revisited in the future.

One of the smaller carriers operating a hub at Athens is Cyprus Airways. This carrier operates a fleet of about a dozen aircraft flying to about 25 destinations. The airline serves cities in Europe and the Middle East with several destinations featuring multiple daily services. This airline was originally a part of British European Airways but is now operated independently as the flag carrier airline for Cyprus.

Helenic Imperial Airways offers a limited list of six destinations served by four aircraft. The flights all begin or end at Athens international Airport making that facility its hub. The airline is also known for its charter operations and is planning an expansion to more destinations with more aircraft.

Athens International Airport literally serves dozens of airlines although many fly on only a seasonal schedule bringing vacationers to the Greek Islands. For example, Easy Jet Switzerland lists Athens as a seasonal destination from Geneva. Germanwings operates flights from Bonn and Stuttgard during the holiday season. Scandinavian Airlines operates permanently scheduled flights from Copenhagen and adds seasonal flights from Stockholm and Oslo during the summer. American travelers have seasonal access to Athens by US Airways, which operates flights seasonally from Philadelphia. In addition, many other airlines operate holiday charters and other limited schedule services to Athens.