Posted: January 14, 2014

With so many different places to see and travel, the world is full of wonder, amazement, and diversity. As soon as you step off your plane and into the airport you have stepped into a new world with its own customs and laws. There are many unique local laws around the world and sometimes travelers will break a law before they even leave the airport without knowing it.

Some of the more unique laws around the world range from the way you dress, words you say, spitting, not flushing a public toilet, to a Sasquatch protection ordinance. Its important to understand the laws of any country you plan on visiting, regardless if you plan on staying a while or just staying a night in one of their airport hotels. Oftentimes, if you are already in the country your hotel can help you find information about the local laws.

Check out our “Unique Local Laws You Should Be Aware Of When You Travel” infographic below to learn more about some of the unique law around the world.


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