Posted: June 29, 2015

The latest travel apps and startups taking 2015 by storm
Here are a few of the apps and startups revolutionizing the travel industry in 2015.

As the travel industry continues to boom thanks to factors ranging from rapid technological developments to airlines taking advantage of the lowest oil prices in several years, more entrepreneurs are continuing to test out their apps and startup creations on this constantly evolving market. Just when it seems like there isn't possibly another way to make traveling accommodations or services easier, another idea pops up out of nowhere that could potentially change the way consumers plan for and experience their vacations or business trips for many years to come. Take a look at some of the more innovative and unique travel apps and startups that have been making waves in 2015:


Anyone who is preparing for international travel knows the difficulties and obstacles that often arise when planning to visit multiple places in different countries. From determining transportation options during one stop to plotting a day's worth of activities in another, the process can quickly prove to be an overwhelming experience. Vamo is a service that's specifically designed to ease the frustration and complexity when it comes to preparing for multi-city international travel. Say you're trying to outline your next European vacation. Simply plugging in all the cities you expect to travel to will grant you access to compare everything from public transportation fees to currency conversion, so you can better project your travel budget while stopping from city to city. Vamo aims to provide travelers with a more customizable approach to plotting out trips with a variety of stops, and the international itinerary service has received generous write-ups from publications such as The New York Times and Forbes.

"Boatlers puts boat owners in direct contact with potential renters."


Sure, there seems like there is an infinite number of apps that cater to everything from booking rental cars to pinpointing bike rental stations. But what about an app that's devoted to those who prefer traveling by water? Boatlers is a new travel service that allows members to book and rent out all types of water vessels provided by authentic boat owners. All it takes to utilize this boat-sharing service is signing up and creating a profile, and you'll be ready to scroll through numerous listings showcasing any type of boat your vacation could benefit from. Boatlers puts you directly in touch with the boat owners, so they can specifically authorize and evaluate user's profile pages they want to rent their vessels out to. Whether you need a canoe for your lake cabin or a large yacht for your Caribbean excursion, all types of boats are available to search through on Boatlers.    


One of the unfortunate misconceptions of traveling is that the experience is only limited to yourself and those you're visiting a new city with. However, it's easy to fall in love with your new surroundings, so much so that you might start to ask whether there's a way you can give back to the community you've grown to love. GlobeDrop is a startup that's dedicated to allowing users to say "thanks" to the location they've explored by allowing them to give back to the city in any way they see fit. Once you've punched in the name of the city or country you're visiting, GlobeDrop provides you with a list of all the opportunities you can volunteer through or any causes or organizations you can donate to. The service began in June of 2014, and has since allowed users to help support everything from schools, orphanages and medical centers to all types of social services. The intentions of GlobeDrop are to remind travelers that there are many ways to show your appreciation of the city you're temporarily residing in that can truly make a difference in helping out those less fortunate.

GlobeDrop is a startup that shows travelers volunteering and donation opportunities to wherever they're visiting. GlobeDrop is a startup that shows travelers volunteering and donation opportunities to wherever they're visiting.


With so many potential problems that can arise through flight travel, it's hard to know what to do whenever you feel like you've been wronged by an airline. AirHelp is a service that aims to help travelers better understand their rights as passengers, and get you the compensation you deserve whenever flight complications occur. According to AirHelp, only 1 percent of airline passengers who are eligible to receive compensation for issues such as delays, cancelations or boarding denials actually get the reimbursement they deserve. AirHelp essentially serves as your personal lawyer, reviewing your predicament and informing you of the ways the airline legally has to compensate you for your troubles. If you are successful in filing a claim, AirHelp retains only 25 percent of your financial reimbursement. Even if you don't get the big bucks back, AirHelp can also assist in getting travelers everything from food comps, free lodging accommodations or transportation opportunities through the airline you've experienced problems with. The service is available to help travelers in either the U.S. or European countries. 

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