What will traveling be like in 2030?

A recent survey conducted by Marriott International and Chase has reached out to people to see how they feel the future of traveling will change by the year 2030.

4 tips to upgrade your business travel

If you’re a business travel frequent flyer or road warrior, here are four simple ways you can potentially upgrade your experience and live it up on the job. 

5 Tips for Sleeping on Airplanes

The ambient noise on your next flight might be too much to sleep through. So when rest is crucial during your travels, follow these comfort recommendations to drift away on an airplane.

Airbnb business travel branch continuing to grow

While concerns of safety and overall satisfaction have been the primary reasons companies shy away from the lodging sharing site, recent reports indicate that more organizations are starting to open up to the idea of utilizing Airbnb for business travel.

How to maximize business travel management

Whether it’s minimizing overall costs to effectively utilizing new forms of technology, here are a few tips business travel managers should consider to maximize an employee’s time during business travel. 

Should you trust that online travel review?

Take a look at why you should always take incredibly positive or negative reviews with a grain of salt as well as how look out for a suspect online critic. 

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