Posted: May 8, 2014

Must-Haves for Business Travel
Travel smart with these items to bring.

Your brief case is packed, your suits are press-cleaned and yet there's still that lingering feeling that you're forgetting something. Bring along everything you need for business travel with these essentials to check off the list: 

Business Cards
At any meeting with clients or prospective companies, business cards are an absolute staple – especially for ones on the road. They give a businessman or woman a touch of professionalism and present a platform for follow-up conversations. You may have finished the interview, but lock down the next step of dialogue with a card containing your contact information. As you know, having a business card is almost important as a good handshake. 

Contact Information of Referral Partners
It's also a good idea to bring the contact information of referral partners to pass along numbers and email addresses. Think about your client first.

A Name Badge
For those who do networking while away on business, don't forget to wear a professional name badge. It's best not to rely on the hosting organization – instead, print one off or make it at home. This will help clients put a face to a name and vice versa.

A Pad and Extra Pens
Jot down notes from your meetings or ideas for your presentation. Don't bank on the hotel pad and pens. Having to ask for something to write with can come across as unprofessional. 

Breath Mints
Many people have no idea that they need a breath refresher. Pack a container of mints alongside your pen and pad. Not only can bad breath be unpleasant, it can also be a distraction. 

Phone, Laptop or Tablet Charger
The last thing business professionals need on the road is a dead cell phone battery. Phones, laptops and tablets are all crucial business tools –  and now more than ever, office work is becoming mobilized, meaning more time spent on the device, which drains the battery. Make sure you have all of the chargers for electronics before walking out the door. 

Power Converter
If you're traveling to a different country, be sure to carry a converter to charge all of your belongings. A phone plug-in is worthless if it doesn't fit the outlet. 

A Wireless Card
Whether the Wi-Fi is slow or just nonexistent, a wireless card can come in handy. Let major cell phone carriers guide the way with remote access for the on-the-go Internet. In addition, hotel Wi-Fi access isn't always free, so if you've already paid for a card, you won't have to spend extra on hotel fees. 

Several Shirts, a Jacket and Pants
Pack at least one nice jacket, professional slacks and a few shirts to wear underneath. First impressions are everything. Check online weather forecasts of the city you will be traveling to in order to see if you need to pack light or heavy. 

A USB Flash Drive
While more companies are loading data onto the cloud, it's always helpful to carry a USB flash drive for memory backups. Keep presentations at your fingertips with this device. 

Hand Sanitizer
After hours on the plane, in the airport and on the road, it's hard to say where those hands have been. Kill germs with a travel-size bottle of hand sanitizer. No one likes a dirty handshake. 

A Good Book
While the face-to-face meeting may be the main reason of the trip, it only takes up a small portion of overall travel time. Bring along a good book to read. Long flights, airports layovers and delays require them. Also, if you're an avid reader, you might consider purchasing an e-reader or other mobile device to read books. 

Travel confidently and productively with these pieces of business travel advice.

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