Posted: August 25, 2014

How To Make Your Bed Like They Do In Hotel Rooms
Style your bed like a king.

It's a wonder how cleaning maids tuck those sheets in so tightly you feel like a kid again when climbing into bed. Whether you're in town for several nights and want a pristine bed, or you just want to tidy up, here's how to make your bed like they do in hotel rooms:

1. First, make sure all of the linens are crisp and positioned flat over the mattress. One of the specialties of hotel beds is what's called "hospital corners," which give them the ultra-tucked feeling. Before you do this, spread out the bottom-fitted sheet and fit corners around the corners of the mattress. 

2. Stand at the foot of the bed and spread the top sheet over the fitted sheet. Leave a small space between the top of the sheet and head of bed. The long edges and the foot edge should hang below the bottom of the mattress, with the long edges hanging equally on each side.

3. At the foot of the bed, fold the foot edge under the mattress from corner to corner. The sheet should still lie smoothly. 

3. Now it's time to make a hospital corner. Standing at the corner of the bed, pull one long edge onto the mattress so that the folded edge of the sheet forms a 45-degree angle from that corner on surface of the bed. Try to get this as wrinkle-free as possible, since it'll improve the hospital corner. 

4. Place your hand on the long side of the corner to keep the sheet smooth, and tuck in the triangle-shaped lower drape between the mattress and box springs. Then tuck in all parts of the sheet that are hanging below the mattress.

5. Tuck in the sheet on both sides of the bed. Repeat the process with your blanket. Make sure all hanging edges are folded tightly and neatly underneath the mattress.

6. Fluff up your pillows and place them back on the head of the bed. Add the comforter and smooth everything down. Once all of the sheets are looking smooth and comfortable, your bed will be ready!

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