Posted: April 23, 2014

How to Make Business Travel Fun
Business travelers can make their vacations more enjoyable by following some of these simple tips.

When you're out of town on business, it can be easy to get overstressed. Balancing meetings, navigating an unfamiliar destination, catching up on paperwork and other busy work can make a trip overwhelmingly unpleasant, but there are ways to make your business travel experience more enjoyable. Whether you're traveling within the country or abroad, follow these tips and try to have a good time on your excursion:

Explore the City at Night

With a little advanced planning, you can utilize your downtime to discover the culture of the destination you're visiting. If possible, schedule your meetings earlier in the day and leave yourself the evenings to get out and play. Before your trip, research things to do near your meeting spot or around your hotel. For example, someone visiting Boston and staying at Hotel Buckminster might choose to walk the famous Freedom Trail, which is less than 3 miles (or about 8 minutes by car) from the hotel, to see some of the most well-known colonial and Revolutionary War attractions in the country.

Stay an Extra Day

A growing trend among people who travel for work is the Bleisure trip – combining business and leisure by tacking some extra time onto the end of the stay. If you're spending the work week in an unfamiliar destination, put your head down and get through the grind. But once Friday rolls around, begin the vacation portion of your outing – walk the galleries of the city's museum, meet some new people at one of the area watering holes and taste the local flavors at restaurants, wineries and breweries. Some travelers even invite their significant others or close friend to help them explore the destination.

Take Advantage of Your Hotel's Amenities

In the past, hotels may have been simply a place to rest your head and hang your hat for the night. But these days they go beyond a home away from home, and many offer luxurious amenities meant to make your stay more like a day in paradise. Turn your trip into a wellness retreat by taking a dip in your hotel's swimming pool, utilizing its spa services, build up a sweat in the fitness center and getting a soothing in-room massage. If your hotel has a bar, grab a drink and make some new acquaintances, or treat yourself to a gourmet meal at the inn's restaurant. Many hotels even have their own recreation centers where you can partake in a game of golf or tennis.

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