Posted: April 2, 2015

Get spotted at the world’s fanciest hotel gyms
All of these hotel gyms have round the clock personal trainers ready to be at your fitness services.

Guests who simply can't function without getting their typical exercise routine in seem to be provided with the usual equipment suspects when it comes to their hotel's gym. Sure, there's bound to be some treadmills, the occasional free weights section or even a few television sets if you're lucky, but the truth is that most hotels offer the most standard types of gym equipment to guests because the odds are that you're not there to workout. However, there are a select few resorts around the world where providing luxury fitness centers are not just a priority, but more of a statement of just how attentive this establishment is to meeting the demands of all its guests. Whether your travels require the daily stationary bike session or you're just trying to bulk up before dipping in the pool, here are some of the world's most renowned and fanciest hotel gyms:

La Mamounia – Marrakech, Morocco

When stepping foot inside what the hotel refers to as the "fitness pavillion," the gym in La Mamounia appears as if it's something straight out of a science fiction film. The vibrant array of illuminating lights shift colors, and the windows facing the workout facilities that proudly display the resort's famous flower gardens – which look almost too perfect, as if they're being projected in high definition. Dozens of state of the art treadmills, stationary bikes and other aerobic machines face the scenic view, and guests who can't function without their daily meditation routines will love the fact that there are multiple private rooms available for solo or group yoga or Pilates sessions. It's the combination of serene ambiance and the latest exercise technology that provides guests with the ultimate gym experience at La Mamounia.

Here's your typical view from the treadmill at the Park Hyatt hotel in Tokyo. Here's your typical view from the treadmill at the Park Hyatt hotel in Tokyo.

Park Hyatt – Tokyo

If you find yourself on a treadmill in the gym on the 47th floor of the Park Hyatt hotel in Tokyo, there's definitely a chance you could experience some deja vu. That's because this is the same gym that was used to film Bill Murray in "Lost in Translation," in the famous treadmill scene that finds Murray's character struggling to keep up with a seemingly malfunctioning aerobic machine. Guests need not worry about experiencing the same difficulties as Mr. Murray, but the view from the 47th floor that overlooks the downtown Tokyo skyline is certainly something you'll never see from any other gym in the world. Whether your workout is heavy on the weightlifting or focused on the cardio, every exercise station is accompanied by a fantastic view of the city. Plus, there are always personal trainers on hand to help you out with any types of activities you need assistance with. After you've worked up that sweat, do yourself a favor and head down two floors to partake in the spa experience of a lifetime.  

Jumeirah Beach Hotel – Dubai

Dubai is famous for its ritzy overindulgence in, well, just about everything, and the gym available for guests staying at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel is certainly no exception. If you're someone who tends to struggle with motivation while exercising, it's hard not to summon energy while gazing upon the infinite blue abyss that is the Persian Gulf from the comfort of your stationary bike. Five stars gets a whole new meaning during a session at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel gym, and whether you prefer to focus your workout on aerobics, weightlifting, aqua activities or even a rousing game of squash, you'll find a facility for it at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. The gym even comes equipped with its own team of round the clock personal trainers, always available to spot you in case your attention drifts off into the breathtaking views.

"Guests unafraid of heights will enjoy the 40-foot rock wall available for use."

The Venetian – Las Vegas

The odds are that working out might be the last thing on your mind while staying in Las Vegas. The Venetian understands that, which is why the luxury resort put a different, more Vegas approach to getting exercise while on vacation. There's a 40-foot rock wall located within the fitness center of The Venetian, where guests can exert energy and tone muscle by climbing their way to the top. If heights concern you, there's plenty of weight lifting and aerobic equipment stationed safely on the ground, as well as a fully trained personal trainer staff ready to accommodate your exercise needs.

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