Posted: August 27, 2013

Chicago is a beautiful, vibrant and pristine city residing on Lake Michigan. The city has something amazing to offer everyone, no matter your time frame or interests. Even if you are just staying a night in one of the Chicago airport hotels there is lots you can do. Here are some top rated things to do while traveling through the exciting city of Chicago.

Boat Cruises

Tour some of Chicago’s famous sites and see amazing architecture from a boat cruise along the river or lake. Have you wondered about the Chicago Fire, Chicago’s vast number of moveable bridges, or who Montgomery Ward was? Boat cruises are narrated by experts knowledgeable in Chicago’s rich history.


Wrigley Field
Wrigley Field (photo by Jasen Leathers)

Chicago is home to several World Champions sports teams. No matter the time of year, visitors will find an array of sports action unfolding. Sports enthusiasts can take in a game at one of the many famous sports venues like Wrigley Field (13.9 miles from the airport) or Soldier Field (21.6 miles from the airport).

Navy Pier

Navy Pier is a historic landmark dating back to 1916 and is 18.4 miles from O’Hare airport. Imagine 50 acres of fun including restaurants, entertainment and shops. Take a ride on the famous 15 story Ferris Wheel and see its breathtaking view.

Magnificent Mile

A must see for the shopping enthusiast that is 17.6 miles from the airport is the Magnificent Mile. It’s a shopper’s paradise with approximately 460 stores, 275 delectable restaurants, over 50 hotels and many unique museums.

Millenium Park

Millenium Park, 18.1 miles from O’Hare airport, is the newest treasure added to the Chicago scene. Experience some of the city’s best public art, listen to outdoor entertainment, or glide along the skating rink.


Chicago is a city with diverse dining options. Enjoy a famous Chicago deep dish pizza, enjoy a mouth watering steak, pay homage to a famous Chicago hot dog or Italian Beef sandwich or any of the many local hot spots and ethnic eateries.

Shedd Aquarium

Shedd Aquarium
Shedd Aquarium (photo by Martin LABabble)

The Shedd Aquarium is an indoor aquatic wonder that house the largest marine mammal habitat in the world. Meet hundreds of exotic animals while touring the award winning 360 degree tour of the underwater reef community. The aquarium is 22.4 miles from the airport but if you have the time it is worth the trip.

Art Institue

The Art Institute, 17.8 miles from the airport,is home to the finest art collections in the world. Some of the exhibits include sculptures, drawings, photographs and paintings including some made famous by Rembrandt and other artists.

Field Museum

The Field Museum is host to a variety of exhibits from historical civilization through modern times and is located 22.1 miles from the airport. Check out the largest T-rex named Sue, be amazed by Egyptian tombs or take an underground adventure.

Musical Entertainment

Chicago is a city known for it’s musical entertainment. Take in a concert at the Chicago Symphony (18.1 miles from the airport) or visit any of the local clubs for jazz, blues, hard rock and other entertainment.

There is no doubt that Chicago has something for everyone. Do not miss these sights and attractions during your next visit.

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