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If your idea of traveling is sitting back and relaxing than you are a leisure traveler. Leisure travel is for the tourist who wants to get away from the mundane of everyday life. Perhaps you want to relax and really experience a world totally different than you see everyday.
Be sure to check out the spas, guided tours and dine in the most exquisite restaurants because leisure traveling is all about making you feel as relaxed and at peace as you will ever be. It is fun to splurge for a change and experience everything you can that you may not get to see or even do in your everyday life. Get that taxi ride, splurge on that seaweed wrap or spend some time enjoying a round on the golf course. Just be sure that you are relaxing the way you want to.
Leisure travel can be luxurious, but remember it does not have to be expensive. It can be just as relaxing to pack a picnic lunch for the park all day or lie on a white sand beach and read your favorite book or even take a much needed rest. Leisure travel may sound boring to some, but to those who go on vacation to relax it is the best type of travel you can do for your soul.

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