Category: Airports

Airports are hectic places, full of crowds, noise, and mediocre food. However, they serve as the gateway to most places and are thus often unavoidable. The airport experience is generally the most dreaded part of a trip but there are ways to make it tolerable. Several airports, especially those in Europe and Asia, have added amenities that were previously unheard of. Restaurants owned by celebrity-chefs, relaxing day-spas, and high-end boutiques are quickly replacing the fast food chains, lonely shoe-shine guys, and magazine stands of the past. Art installations that reflect the local culture are displayed to give those passing through a small glimpse into the destination, even if they never leave the building; many even have professional curators to choose museum-quality pieces.
Next time you are headed on a trip, take some time to check the website of your destination’s airport. This is where you will find information about the amenities offered in each terminal but also ideas for things to do on long layovers. In many places, if you have more than a 4 hour stop you will have time to explore outside of the airport and experience a slice of the country you are transiting through. Airports no longer have to be dreaded but can instead be anxiously anticipated.