Posted: October 19, 2015

Best Western rebranding: What you need to know
Best Western has unveiled its new logos and brand, and promises more changes to come.

Best Western Hotels and Resorts – formerly Best Western International – made big announcements on September 29, 2015, regarding its massing rebranding efforts. The hotel company has updated its look and marketing efforts, along with announcing the creation of a new brand of hotels. The steps aren't only meant to bring in new business but also to represent Best Western's goals for the future. There are a lot of changes coming from the hotel company, but here are the highlights you need to know:


If your travels ever take you to suburban areas, you should be paying attention to the hotel chain's announcement about GLō. This is Best Western's new boutique hotel brand looking to make the boutique experience more attainable. 

The new hotel seems to be mainly focused on attracting millennials. The rooms are small but super functional, with lots of storage space and both a desk and tablet chair. Despite these additions, however, GLō mostly seems designed to encourage people to get out of their rooms and into the hotel's shared spaces. Best Western promises the brand will have roomy, multi-purpose lobbies for gathering and having, "selfie moments." The cost is also much more millennial-friendly than the boutique hotel norm, with an average nightly stay of about $90.

Whether or not GLō will succeed in attracting its young, hip target demographic is to be determined: the new brand is expected to roll out in the next three to five years. 


"LED elements will define the look of the new brand."

Best Western has also announced its updated logos. The changes include switching to handwritten lettering, adding three-dimensional elements, and narrowing the logo down to the company's initials. Best Western hopes that the logos' changes will help the hotel chain stand out, as well as represent its continued adaptation to fit the needs of the modern leisure and business travel market. 

"These logos illustrate the clear differentiation between our brands. They not only represent the force Best Western is today, but also help define the new voice of Best Western for the future," Dorothy Dowling, senior vice president of marketing and sales for Best Western, said in a statement. "These logos have also been created [to] deliver business across various mediums, including a roadside sign during the daytime and night, inside and outside a hotel, on collateral, and in the digital space."

All of Best Western's properties will undergo changes in their signage as Best Western prepares to launch a new advertising campaign in the summer of 2016. 

Digital Redesign

In addition to new logos, Best Western announced that it will be redesigning its digital experience. You can already check out one part of this effort: The company released its new mobile booking app last week. This app is more straightforward and intuitive than its previous mobile booking process, making it easier for people to book hotel stays from their phones or tablets. 

However, there's more coming: Best Western will be totally remaking its website. The new will go live in spring of 2016. 

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