Posted: February 19, 2014

What’s the most frustrating thing about flying coach on an airline? For most, it’s the point when you’ve reached a certain altitude, and the person directly in front of you decides to recline and use their seat as an airport hotel bed, leaving you with two choices. The first choice is to remain even more cramped now that they have taken inches off your small but precious room The second choice is to recline your own seat, removing yourself from the meal or other activities on your tray table, and continuing the chain reaction by leaning back and removing space from the person directly behind you. Should airlines ditch reclining seats?

The fear is, if airline seats WERE to no longer have the ability to recline, that the airlines would see the opportunity to cram even more seats into the saved space. Therefore, airlines seating capacities would increase on most aircraft, at the expense of passenger comfort. So maybe reclining seats aren’t so bad after all?


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