Posted: April 7, 2014

Adding Leisure Time to Your Business Trip
The combining of business and leisure while out of town has become a growing trend quirkily named "bleisure."

Business travelers have long attempted to fit in a little leisure time during their trips. Whether it's a short domestic jaunt for a meeting or an extended trip overseas, there's that overwhelming desire to discover the cultural intricacies of a new destination. Some business people use their evenings to check out the museums, restaurants and other attractions or book later flights home in order to take a little time to explore the culture of the locale. If you're looking to bring together the two worlds of business and vacation, check out these ways to explore your destination while visiting for work:

Extend Your Stay

Combining business and leisure has become a growing trend as of late – one that's been dubbed "bleisure." Bleisure involves adding extra time to the end of your trip for some rest and relaxation. For instance, if you're visiting San Francisco for a five-day conference, tack a few days onto your visit to spend the weekend kicking back and relaxing. Some travelers even invite their significant others or close friends to join them after they've finished with the business portion of the trip. This way, you only pay for the additional airfare and extended hotel stay.

In the past, companies may have been wary of letting staff take time for themselves during business travel, but it's recently become more acceptable in the increasingly stressful office environment. In fact, some employers even front the bill for their workers as a way of rewarding them for a job well done or encouraging them to do their best while out of town. Allowing a worker to take a bleisure trip can boost morale, and employees tend to return to work more composed and ready to take on the day after a weekend of vacationing.

Get Out at Night

After a long day of business meetings, many find themselves craving a refreshing drink and something entertaining to do in the unfamiliar destination. Use your evenings to explore the top attractions of the city and indulge in a memorable cultural experience. This may require a little advanced planning. Unlike leisurely vacations during which you have time to stroll through the streets and discover the city at your own pace, you'll have limited time after a busy day of work – particularly if you have to be up early for more meetings the next day.

Be sure to have all of your responsibilities tended to before leaving for your trip, and seek out spots you want to see in advance in order to make the most of your limited downtime. For example, if your last meeting of the day is at one of the hotels near Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, you might plan to taste the regional Cajun cuisine at Mr. Ed's and then visit nearby attractions such as the famous City Park, Jackson Square and Ogden Museum of Southern Art, all of which are less than 20 minutes from the airport.

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