Posted: April 28, 2014

3 Technology Tips for the International Business Traveler
Business travelers can take advantage of advancements in technology to make their trips go more smoothly.

Whether you're traveling overseas, across the country or to a nearby town, business travel can be hectic and demanding. Balancing meetings, taking care of paperwork and general homesickness can make the experience overwhelming. But people who go abroad are confronted with a completely different set of challenges, from communicating with people who speak a foreign language to navigating an unfamiliar destination when you're having trouble even reading the street signs. So, it's important to minimize your frustration by preparing in advance for potential dilemmas. Fortunately, advancements in technology provide a plethora of solutions to make your international travels easier. Follow these tech tips during your next trip overseas:

Don't Forget a Voltage Adapter

Those who have traveled abroad before have probably noticed that many countries use different types of electrical outlets than America. That means you'll need an adapter to be able to charge your computer, phone, tablet and other devices. Keep in mind that some adapters are for specific types of equipment. For instance, a laptop may require a lower wattage than a hair dryer, so be sure to check what wattage your devices require before purchasing an adapter. If you'll be renting an automobile while out of town, you may want to invest in an adapter for the car as well.

Consider Upgrading to International Phone Service

When preparing to another country, be sure to contact your cell phone provider to let them know you'll be going abroad. Those who forget to contact their carriers may find that they're unable to get service in their destination, or they can get hit with excessive roaming fees. Companies often offer temporary international service that allows you to expand your network for the duration of your visit. The carrier may inform you that its services can't be used overseas. In that case, you may need to purchase a phone plan in your destination – an option that some travelers find easier and less costly.

Try a Translation App

It would be ideal to learn the native language of the country you're visiting; however, this is generally not a conceivable option. When you're visiting an unfamiliar place, take advantage of applications that translate words into English or your preferred language. Google Translate is among the most popular apps for Android users, while iPhone fans often turn to iTranslate. Another option is Voice Translate Pro, which takes spoken words and lets you listen to the audio translation.

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