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The city of Antalya rests on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea along the southwest coast of Turkey. The city’s prime location makes it an attractive tourist destination for people all across Europe and Central Asia. Most travelers arrive in the city by air through Antalya Airport, which is located 13 kilometers northeast of the city center. Millions of passengers arrive and depart from the airport every year to take advantage of Antalya’s pristine beaches and stunning beauty. The airport’s three terminals provide many valuable services for passengers looking to perfect the bookends of their vacation.

Airport Statistics

Antalya Airport
Antalya Airport

According to international traffic statistics in 2008, Antalya Airport was ranked the 30th busiest airport in the world. It was also ranked 25th overall in terms of total traffic in Europe. There are dozens of airlines that service regularly scheduled flights to destinations in Russia, Scandinavia, France, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Syria, Italy, Spain, and many other international countries. International departures and arrivals make up around 75 percent of the total traffic at Antalya. The remaining quarter of domestic traffic goes to various cities throughout Turkey. The top domestic destination is Istanbul, but there are also daily flights to Ankara, Adana, Sabiha, Samsun, and Izmir. International and domestic passengers can get to and from Antalya’s city center and resorts by taxi, bus, or rental car.

Antalya Airport has three main terminals and three parallel runways. Terminal one and two contain arrivals and departures for the airport’s international flights, while domestic flights fly out of terminal three. Terminal one and three are physically close together, but the requirements of international customs keep the two terminals separate. Each terminal has a prayer room for the convenience of religious passengers. Disabled passengers can easily get around Antalya Airport no matter which terminal they need to use. The airport also provides smoking areas, expert medical services, and wireless Internet access throughout each terminal. For passengers wanting a more high-class and comfortable start to their vacation, CIP services offers lounges and high-quality personnel to take care of all your needs.

Antalya Airport Amenities

Departing passengers taking advantage of CIP services are provided a private guide as soon as they enter the airport. After passing through security, they are brought to a luxury lounge furnished with Ottoman-style furniture. While the passenger gets comfortable, service personnel can bring any type of product or food available throughout the airport, including alcohol and tobacco products. The lounge also includes business services and a meeting room for professionals on the go. Arriving passengers can also use the private lounge while CIP employees take care of collecting luggage and arranging private transportation.

Antalya Airport saw its largest period of growth within the last fifteen years. Terminal one took two years to build, but when it was finished in 1998, it immediately provided eight gates for international departures and arrivals, replacing the smaller and less luxurious old terminal. In 2003, the airport became the second busiest transportation terminal on the Mediterranean coast. Terminal 2 was opened in 2005, adding an additional eight gates for international flights. The domestic terminal opened in 2010; its design focused on energy savings and elegant features.