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So many great attractions that are close to your Amsterdam Airport Hotel that will fill your day with great memories and great times. Here is just a few of our favorite.

Amsterdam's Historisch Museum
Amsterdam’s Historisch Museum

Amsterdam’s Historisch Museum

Distance From Amsterdam Schiphol Airport: 10.7mi / 17.3km

The museum is located within what was a former convent and orphanage dating back to the sixteenth century. Various sections of the museum, however, date back to the thirteenth century, a time when the city was in the boom of development. The museum has various exhibitions; all portraying the sequence of Amsterdam’s evolving history from early dates to present day. The Begijnhof, a widely popular courtyard, might be the perfect place to take a break and enjoy the surrounding scenery.

Hollandse Schouwburg

Distance From Amsterdam Schiphol Airport: 13.4mi / 21.6km

During World War II, the theater was used as a collection ground for Jews who were to be sent off to the camps. Standing as a small structure amidst the streets of Amsterdam, this building embodies a large portion of the tragedy that befell this era.

Universiteitsmuseum de Agnietenkapel

Distance From Amsterdam Schiphol Airport: 10.2mi / 16.5km

Amsterdam is a city that overflows with architectural style. The Agnietenkapel, built in 1473 and part of the university since its foundation in 1632, is wonderful representation of the Gothic style that once filled the chapels of Amsterdam. The chapel itself features an immense beauty within its austere, and lovely stained-glass windows. The museum, however, showcases the history of education, research and student life.

Verzetsmuseum Amsterdam

Distance From Amsterdam Schiphol Airport: 13.5mi / 21.8km

The Museum of the Resistance includes collections of artifacts and interactive displays that represent the resistance movement within Amsterdam. The museum focuses attention on such themes as sabotage, espionage and the February. An interesting feature within the museum is that visitors can hear mock radio broadcasts, while they peruse the make-up of this mock hideout.

Van Gogh Museum

Distance From Amsterdam Schiphol Airport: 8.6mi / 14km

Van Gogh’s paintings were defined by seven distinct periods, and this is the way the museum is laid-out. The van Gogh collection, which consists of more than 200 pieces, is arranged in chronological order, allowing visitors to glimpse the 10-year career of this great artist.

New Metropolis Science and Technology Center

Distance From Amsterdam Schiphol Airport: 17.5mi / 28.3km

A great outing for the family! This science and technology hub, features of hands-on interactive displays, a museum, demonstrations, workshops, and theater and film show. The museum is a port for learning, and the technology allows for there to be Internet-linked computers on every floor.

Holland Experience

Distance From Amsterdam Schiphol Airport: 13.2mi / 21.3km

The Holland Experience offers visitors just that – a complete tour of Holland. The multidimensional film and theater show provides scenic views and historical stories on the development of Holland. An impressive feature of the Holland experience is the simulated display outlining what would happen if the 80,000 liters of salt water were to penetrate the dikes system of defense.

Amsterdam Canal trips
Amsterdam Canal trips

Madame Tussaud’s Amsterdam

Distance From Amsterdam Schiphol Airport: 10.3mi / 16.7km

The glory of Holland’s Golden Age, is the focus of this unique wax museum. Moving wax figures depict a historical journey through Holland. The special effects help to create a vivid impression of life in Holland.

Canal trips

Distance From Amsterdam Schiphol Airport: 9.8mi / 15.9km

While visiting Amsterdam, you can’t miss out on a boat tour. The canal trips offer visitors a unique view of Amsterdam from the water. The tours take visitors around the city and through the harbor.