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There is so many interesting and entertaining things that are close to your Alicante Airport Hotel. Check out a few of our suggestions.

Castell de Santa Barbara

Distance From Alicante Airport: 9mi / 14.6km

This is a fortification built on the top of the highest point in the city. It was built by the Carthaginians in the 4th century BC and used by the Romans and the Arabs when they controlled Spain. To get to the top you walk through a tunnel almost 200 yards into the mountainside to get to an elevator which takes you up to the top (264 feet up). You can spend about an hour or so to get a good look at the site, fairly large with several buildings with signs to tell you what they are. There is a snack bar, souvenir shop at the top and benches in the open to sit and relax. The best view in the city is available from all four sides of the complex.


Distance From Alicante Airport: 6mi / 9.7km

Beaches are filled with a mixture of locals and tourists in August. The water becomes dirty during turbulence, but otherwise is crystal clear.

Paseo Esplanada de Espana

Distance From Alicante Airport: 7.7mi / 12.4

This sight is a large wide intricately designed marble walkway alongside the ocean in Alicante. It is lined with Palm trees. On one side of the esplanade is the ocean and the other about 3-4 blocks of restaurants, hotels and other businesses. These are all outside the palm trees. The area is lined with benches to stop and sit and there are also a couple of small restaurants with tables and chairs along the edge of the esplanade. A great place to sit and have a beer or other drink, ice cream etc. and watch the world go by. One evening a local brass band was playing in the area (no charge to sit or stand around and listen. Many of the better restaurants and nightclubs adjoin the area. This is a must see, we walked the area a couple of times each day we were there.

Walking the Ramblas
Walking the Ramblas

Walking the Ramblas

Distance From Alicante Airport: 8mi / 12.8km

This is a wide street with one lane of traffic in each directions with a wide centre area of cobblestone. Each afternoon the local vendors set up their stands from one end to the other selling local wares to sweaters, shirts etc. There are also permanent businesses on the outside of the traffic lanes, restaurants etc. Street performers are also present vying for your dollar with their best efforts. Combining a leisurely walk through this area and continuing down the Paseo Esplanada de Espana will provide enjoyment, exercise and good food if you so desire. Ramplas seem to be a way of life in major Spanish cities, for the local families as well as the tourists. This one is not as exciting as the Ramplas in Barcelona, but is still an interesting evening stroll.