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    Akron–Canton Airport: 5400 Lauby Rd, North Canton, OH 44720

The Akron-Canton Regional Airport is located in Summit County in the city of Green, Ohio. It is centrally located between the two cities that are its namesake, about 10 miles southeast of Akron and 10 miles northwest of Canton. Due to the fact that it represents both cities, the airport is jointly run by both Summit County and nearby Stark County. The airport was dedicated in October 1946, the original name was the Akron-Canton-Massilon airport. Massilon is another Ohio town also about 10 miles from the airport. This name was later dropped. Passenger air service began in 1948.

Akron Canton Airport
Akron-Canton Airport

Airport History

One of the most interesting facts about the Akron-Canton Regional Airport is that it was originally supposed to be built for defense purposes. Money was allocated for the airport during the Second World War. This source of funding never came to fruition though, as a controversy broke out in the towns as to whether public funding, or in other words, tax money, should be used to fund this project. The airport then had to rely on significant sources of private funds in order to complete the project. A permanent terminal for the airport was put up in 1955 and later renovated and expanded seven years later.

The airport has only two runways. One is about 7,600 feet and the other is just over 8,200 feet. Both are 150 feet wide.

Akron-Canton Airport Improvements

The airport began a 10-year improvement plan in 2008. The $110 million dollar plan calls for a series of projects, 10 in all, to be completed by the end of the plan. Some of these projects include expanding the terminal size, expanding parking, building a bigger entrance road and much more. One early aspect of this improvement plan is already completed. The runway that is 8,200 feet was originally the same 7,600 feet as the other runway. It was expanded to allow bigger types of planes to land at the airport. At the conclusion of this 10-year project, the airport is expected to be the kind of airport a major city would have, as far as the types of flights and amenities offered.

This expansion was ordered because the Akron-Canton Regional Airport is frequently cited as one of the fastest expanding airports in the country. The number of passengers using the airport has steadily increased every year except the year of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

The airport has a total of 11 gates. It only had 9 gates when it first opened but a major expansion in 2006 added two more. The 2006 expansion also added a new terminal wing off of the main concourse. This provided additional bagging areas and a food court for the airport.

In 2011, the airport dramatically increased the size of the TSA area. There are now four lanes open at all times for security screenings and high-tech imaging devices were installed.

Atlanta, Denver, New York, Charlotte, Orlando, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Boston are just some of the cities that most frequently have flights to or from the Akron-Canton Regional Airport.